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Please provide details of any medical conditions including we should know of. For example: allergies, health issues, learning difficulties, special educational need or a disability. Please give as much detail as possible. Please send us any documents, reports or IEP's.
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To complete the registration there is a non refundable fee of £120 GBP. Until we have received the registration fee and your registration form is completed, we cannot process your application. Click the link directly below for how to pay the fee.


To accept a place after receiving a Letter of Offer, the Reservation Fee of £2250 is payable to the School. The Reservation Fee is non-refundable if the place is not taken up. Should your child leave us before the end of Year Two, only a proportion of the Reservation Fee will be repaid during the first 10 working days of the term after the child leaves the School, provided only that (a) a full term’s notice of leaving has been given in writing and (b) the withdrawal takes effect from the end of the Summer Term (i.e. ending in July). Pupils are expected to complete the School’s programme to the end of Year Two. Therefore subject to the above, 50% of the Reservation Fee will be offset against your child’s final Year Two term (and the remainder paid during the first ten working days of the following term) or 25% will be repaid at any other time.

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